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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cytokeratine Positive, BUT...

Most likely good news!
Basal like cells, BUT...


Even though the biopsy results indicate Basal like cells (due to the staining coming back as cytokeratine positive), which is usually triple negative, I have just confirmed the results from MD Anderson saying that my tumors are ER/PR positive. I do not have a copy of the official report yet, but the nurse and MD Anderson confirmed it verbally over the phone.  Again I have defied the odds it appears by getting an ER/PR positive status on a basal like cell subtype.

This means that the tumors will most likely respond to not only chemotherapy, but also to Endocrine therapy.  Having more drugs that it will respond to gives you more treatment options and longevity because you have more treatment options available to you. Additionally, ER/PR positive is usually less aggressive and has longer remission periods and a better prognosis. 

I haven't researched the ER/PR positive thoroughly to see if the basal subtype negates the good part of ER/PR positive, but I'm definitely sure it's better than ER/PR negative of any subtype.  I asked both the local oncologist's nurse and the MD Anderson nurse and neither seemed to know.  I'll do some research online and let you know what I find.

But YAY!  Not a cure, but definitely a ray of hope!


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