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Initially diagnosed June 4, 2009 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage II,Grade II tumor size: 2-3 cm node positive ER/PR postive HER2 Neu - negative Current Diagnosis: Metastatic Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Grade 3 Mets: Scalp/skin, Liver, Spine, Bone ER/PR + HER2/NEU -

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Off Chemo for a Bit

Here's a quick glance at what's coming up and what's going on with my treatment:

  • 3/24 - Interviewing a new local oncologist at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in Fort Worth.  See if she will give me the 2nd Lupron shot and my Zometa infusion while I'm there.
  • 3/27 - Drive down to Houston after work
  • 3/28 - Oncologist appointment at MD Anderson and talking to the group over the trials regarding future consideration on upcoming trials

Regarding my current treatment, I finally got in touch with the Oncologist's nurse at MD Anderson.  She said that the plan was to keep me on the Lupron shots to shut down my ovaries and induce a chemical menopause, then once the Lupron is in my system for 28 days, start an aromatase inhibitor to block estrogen absorption.  This will in effect starve my cancer because it is being fed by estrogen.  The one he has chosen for me try is Letrozole(Femera).  

In addition to this, I've found significant studies out there regarding low Iodine levels and how this effects your health.  Iodine promotes apoptosis in cells, and may help my body fight the cancer by forcing the cancer cells to stop skipping this portion of the cell life-cycle.  I've started taking a 12.5 mg dose of Iodine and stopped eating brominated flour.  We bought some bread and buns which contain whole wheat flower instead and it tastes a lot more like the bread used to when I was a kid.  A lot better than the bread they have on the shelf now days.

Anyhow, this is their treatment plan for right now, just trying to starve the cancer.  I'm a little nervous about this approach, but if it works, then I get some time without having to do chemo.  Perhaps when it stops working I can qualify for another trial.


  1. Thinking about you.. best of luck. Are you having to do the drive alone again?

    1. No. Thankfully, Jesse is off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of that week. We are going to drive down when he gets off work on Thursday. The appointment is early Friday morning.... and we'll be getting in fairly late, but I'd rather that than go down alone again. That's not very fun at all!


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