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Monday, March 3, 2014

Progress on Local Oncologist, Maybe?

I managed to get off work on time today, well.... Actually, I worked through lunch and left 30 minutes late, but still had a good 30-45 minutes before the doctor's offices all closed, so I made a phone call to one of the MD Anderson referrals at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorder on Magnolia in Fort Worth medical district.  After a small runaround and a miss-transfer, I managed to talk to someone, and they acted like the oncologists there were more than willing to work with MD Anderson, and that they were a progressive facility.  They are reviewing my requests and my records and should be getting back to me by around midweek.  My big issue is that I know absolutely NOTHING about this facility.  In fact, I have lived her for 42 years and never even heard of them.  Does anyone out there know anything about them? Do you know anyone who ever received care there?

I also had a good friend who has fought her own battles medically, message me, and tell me that she had asked at UT Southwestern, and they sounded like they would work with me, also.  This is pretty far from home, and another drive I'd have to make between appointments in Houston.  Since I'll already be racking up the miles back and forth to Houston, I'd like my local to be as close to home as possible.  I'm holding this one as a my "ace in the hole"  in case I can't find decent care in Fort Worth metro area.


  1. I'm behind on checking in (year end at work and tax season) -- any luck finding out more about them? Even though the current trial opportunity didn't pan out (boo), still be good to be linked to a place willing to work with MD Anderson and trials for any future opportunities.

    1. I'm sure you saw this in the latter posts, but I have an appointment to interview one of the local candidates on 3/24. Hoping she's a good fit for me!


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