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Initially diagnosed June 4, 2009 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage II,Grade II tumor size: 2-3 cm node positive ER/PR postive HER2 Neu - negative Current Diagnosis: Metastatic Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Grade 3 Mets: Scalp/skin, Liver, Spine, Bone ER/PR + HER2/NEU -

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Round 1 Abraxane and Neupogen shots completed

Round 1 of the Abraxane is complete.  The combination of Anakinra (the trial drug which also effects the immune system) and the Abraxane took a major toll on my immune system.  I was forced to take three days of Neupogen shots to force my bones to make more white blood cells.  It was rough, but I made it through.

I'm on my rest week now.  September 8th will be my next treatment.  Until then, I can recover a bit and only have to deal with the daily Anakinra shots.

My hair has started to fall out and I'm finding it everywhere.  Someone suggested I try Nioxin shampoo to help stop the hair shedding.  I plan to pick some up and see if it works.  I'll let everyone know if it helps.  Until then, I'm starting to wear something on my head.  The hair on the top is too thin to do much with and I don't want to damage it with styling tools and make it worse.

Another side effect I've been having is being extremely exhausted when I attempt to do something simple like walk around a store.   I try to make myself do it a little, but I feel like I'm 80 and just ran a marathon.  Sometimes even just standing does it to me also.  We stopped at a grocery store today, and I have to say I did eyeball that motorized cart a few times. If there had been one available, I might have grabbed it.


  1. Sorry it's hitting you so hard. But glad you got a day at the lake! If you still need someone on sept 15, I can do it.


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