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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Information on SGAP

Yesterday, I received a call from The Center for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction in New Orleans. The lady I spoke with on the phone provided me with a lot of useful information. I asked her about the experience of the doctors there, and she said Dr Allen performs 3-5 surgeries a month. This sounds more like the experience I was wanting the surgeon to have. She said that Dr. Allen had pioneered the flap surgeries, inventing many that didn't previously exist. They are currently performing an additional surgery that he pioneered that is not offered anywhere else. The new procedure is called TUCK. It uses skin from your inner thigh.

I asked some questions about how long you'd have to be there if you had it done there and were from out of town. She said a typical surgery would go like this:

1st day - Consultation and PreOp
2nd day - markings for surgery and answer any questions
3rd day - surgery
4th-7th days - recovery in hospital
8th - 10th days - recovery in local hotel room
11th day - final check up, and if all is good, release to go home

She said it is the only place in the world where you can get both breasts done at once. They have two surgeons in the room and have stream lined the process so that the procedure for both breasts is only 7 hours. Most doctors do one side at a time and EACH side takes 8-10 hrs. They would not even consider doing the surgery, though, until at least 6 months after radiation.

Anyhow, it was good to get the information and it sounds a little better than the plan MD Anderson gave me. I would still need to go back for any adjustments and for nipple reconstruction, but it would eliminate one of the big major surgeries and I feel I'd get better results dealing with someone who does these regularly.

On another note, I'd like to say something about this blog. This blog is here to keep everyone up to date. This blog is not here to replace visits or phone calls. It seems as soon as I put this blog up everyone got the idea that I didn't want calls or visits anymore. This is definitely NOT the case. It really is ok to call! You do not have to apologize or feel guilty for calling. Please feel free to call anytime you'd like (well within reasonable hours... ) even if you catch me at chemo, it's ok, I'm typically bored there anyways sitting for 2-3 hours with nothing much to do! I'd love to hear from some of you occasionally in person, too!


  1. Holy cow. That's great news on the supersurgery. Absolutely makes sense for the delay from radiation. Gives time to recover, verify results, etc.

    In the meantime, we can feed you bon bons so you can pack on some fat to help with the autograft.


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