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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Low CBC Numbers

Got a nice "Critically Low" comment on my CBC bloodwork this week. I have to have 3 Neupogen shots + 10 days of Levaquin (antibiotic) to try to fix it. I had my first shot today. What sucks is each Neupogen shot costs $298 and we have to meet this years insurance deductible($2400) before any of it is covered by insurance. At this rate we may have it met before surgery.. grrrr(3 shots at $298 + whatever the surgeon consult costs on Thursday + whatever the Oncologist consolt costs next week + the Levaquin ($85)). The government needs to focus on getting these drug and medical costs down rather than trying to give people insurance. Even those of us who HAVE insurance can't hardly afford healthcare.

WBC was down to .9 (normal range is 4.8-10.8) and Neutrophils#(ANC) was down to .1 (normal range 1.5-6.5). For those unfamiliar, these are the white blood cell counts.. your first defense for fighting infections. I was told to avoid crowds or being out in public too much for a few days. Several other numbers on the CBC are either too high or too low, which is causing me to feel rather ran down any how, so I don't see staying in being that much of a problem.


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