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Initially diagnosed June 4, 2009 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage II,Grade II tumor size: 2-3 cm node positive ER/PR postive HER2 Neu - negative Current Diagnosis: Metastatic Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Grade 3 Mets: Scalp/skin, Liver, Spine, Bone ER/PR + HER2/NEU -

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tests and More Tests

Yesterday I had a breast MRI at Baylor in Irving. The scan itself wasn't too bad. The worst part was the IV they had trouble getting it into my veins. They tried my arm first, and were able to find a good vein, but they couldn't get the IV to go up into it good. They tried my hand and had the same problem. They ended up bringing someone else in who was finally able to get it into my arm. The IV was needed for the last scan which required some contrast dye. The only other issue we had was that my orders hadn't been sent to the right place when I went in to register. I should know the results later this week or next week.

Today, I have a consult with breast reconstruction doctor. I'm leaving my daughter with Barbara who used to watch her when she was a toddler. She's agreed to take her on a drop in basis, as needed, for $5/hr which really helps to relieve the worry of not having someone to watch her during my tests and procedures.


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