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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cancer Advocacy Group Using Smear Campaigns

I was reading through a blog I found on the internet and stumbled upon an article about a smear campaign the Pancreatic Cancer Action advocacy group has launched.  How low is it to downgrade another's disease to promote your own?  I see no benefit in this.  Cancer is an awful disease regardless of type.  Why would a group advocating for more research and funding for cancer belittle or degrade another group who has succeeded?  I think they should instead look at the methods the breast cancer awareness advocates have used and find ways to incorporate the same types of campaigns.  Dirty tactics like this may bring publicity, but it disrespects those with other forms of the same disease and will most likely discourage people from contributing to their organization.  I wonder how the other pancreatic cancer advocacy groups feel about it?  I know there is  a major uproar in the metastatic breast cancer community over it considering we are also trying to bring awareness to the lack of funding and research.  I'm proud to say that all the advocacy groups for MBC that I'm aware of are using more respectful methods to campaign.

Below is the ad they used to promote pancreatic cancer, and a screen shot of my comment, which is currently awaiting moderation(and will probably never be seen on their website).


  1. I hope your comment does get posted. There's nothing wrong with what you said, and the ad is tasteless indeed.


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