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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Interview: Amy Huang, General Manager, OBI Pharma, Taiwan

Text below from an interview with the bio-pharmaceutical company, OBMI Pharma, which now owns the rights to OPT-822/821 (they renamed it when they bought the rights).

The General Manager of OBI Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company currently working on a breast cancer drug, offers perspectives on developing a successful biotech company in Taiwan, the overall drug development ecosystem in Taiwan, and the acquire-develop-transfer model of doing business.
Can you tell our readers a bit about OBI-822, your late-stage breast cancer drug?
OBI-822 is an immunotherapy product that boosts the effectiveness of the body’s immune system against breast cancer.
We have designed our Phase II/III trial for this drug very strictly. Thanks to our efforts, the speed of enrollment this year is ten times faster than it was last year. We have opened sites across the US, India, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We are now recruiting 15 patients per month—and that goes to show that doctors have a high level of confidence in OBI and in our product.
In our trial, OBI-822 seems to demonstrate that it can benefit a higher percentage of cancer patients than currently available therapies can. We have also seen improvements in patient compliance, because the product lacks the serious side effects that are associated with conventional approaches, like chemotherapy. The quality of life when being treated with OBI-822 is quite high, which is a very important element for women who suffer from this disease.


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