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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Resources for Metastatic Breast Cancer Care Givers

My husband expressed some interest in maybe getting involved with some other MBC caregivers for support and possibly to organize some ways to help the MBC cause.  He's already agreed to talk to several of the people he knows who own businesses and try to get the metavivor ribbon put on their buildings in lights in pinktober to draw awareness to our cause.  (Friend him on facebook if you want to assist with this and get more details).  I put out a request on many facebook groups, forums, etc. , so this may be repeat information for some of you.  Several of our caregivers have already "friended" each other on facebook and plan to look at forming a group or possibly participating in the existing private group on facebook.  If any of you have a caregiver who may be interested in participating have them contact or friend my husband on facebook and/or join the closed group that already exists.  We need to take care of those who are so supportive of us!  The more able they are to share their experience and vent the better they will cope.  Cancer effects more than just those who have it!  Thanks to all those who responded and helped with this effort!

Here's the list of caregiver resources I acquired tonight. Click on these to view:

Closed Caregivers of Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients Group/

Friend my caregiver - Jesse Townsend

Excellent tips for caregivers in our video, "Cancer: A Family Matter."

General Cancer Caregiver Telephone Support from SHARE


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