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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drugs, drugs and more Drugs

Seems like for every side effect there is another drug thrown at me. In the last few weeks I've increased my medicine cabinet to include:

Dexamethason - steroid I have to take night before and day of chemo treatment

Lidocaine and prilocaine cream - put on port 30-60 min prior to treatment to reduce pain when needle is put in

Promethazine (aka Phenergan), Zofran - Nausea

Lorazepam - nausea, anxiety

l-glutamine - amino acid supplement you dissolve in water.. supposed to help with the joint/muscle pains

senekot - constipation

ibuprofen 800 mg - been swiping these from Jesse 2-3 x a day rather than taking 4 regular ones each time

and they just called in:

Mobic - another NSAID like ibuprofen, but supposedly more effective for the taxol pains

Hydrocodone - pain meds for when the pains get too bad and the mobic/l-glutamine isn't working

I think they just want you to dope yourself up and sleep your way through this whole thing or something... LOL Does sound slightly appealing, but I hate being so tired and out of it. Hoping the Mobic or the l-glutamine will reduce the pain more without having to result to the heavy stuff.

Today I took a combination of L-glutamine, senekot, ibuprofen 800 and lorazepam and sat on the couch most of the day with a heating pad on my stomach. Been sitting here since around 7am in pain, and I think I finally found a good combination that makes me functional again.


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