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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look Good Feel Better

Went to the "Look Good Feel Better" program tonight sponsored by the American Cancer Society http://www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org

Initially, was a little awkward, being that I was the only one there by myself(because my mom was busy with work and other obligations), but I soon found myself enjoying the little tips and tricks the volunteer cosmetologist was offering.

Most of the women there were 50+ and had their daughters there as support, but all were very friendly and helpful, especially those who has been with out hair for quite a while. Each of us received a large make up bag full of high end name brand cosmetics (chanel, clinique, mary kay, avon, etc) The volunteers from the American Cancer Society made sure to come by regularly to critique my drawn on eyebrows, as well as hat and wig experiments and serve as my support person. What wonderful people they are to volunteer to do these things for us!

At the end they let everyone pick from a large collection of donated hats, scarves, wigs and other head coverings. I picked a terry cloth turban to sleep in. I look like Aunt Jemima wearing it, but I had to come up with something for night time. I also picked up a clip on pony tail to wear on the back of my ball caps. It's curly but looks really cute.

Another cancer patient who was quite a bit ahead of me, offered me some tips on how to fix the hat hair I'd bought that had lost it's curl in shipping. She told me to spray it down with some water and roll it in sponge rollers and let it dry. I have it rolled up now, and I am really hoping it works!


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